Let’s Grow

Food security and supply is paramount to any civilized society. Yet, the task of adequately addressing these issues faces ever increasing complexity … and opportunity. Governments, Corporations, NGO's and consumers all face the future with the predominant questions surrounding the provision of food safety, supply and cost.

The   effective   implementation   of   Urban   Farming,   employing   large-scale hydroponics   and   Controlled Environment Agriculture  (CEA),  constructed completely within  the  world's cityscapes is  an  effective,  life- altering solution available right now.

Our Let's Grow Team has established the unique ability to create profitable Urban Farms that provide fresh, locally grown produce of the highest quality both safely and efficiently. Together, we accomplish this by bundling proven, cutting-edge technology with field-tested processes and experience.

C3L Associates started Asheville Urban Farms as an exhibition Urban Farm in Asheville, North Carolina in 2011 to demonstrate Controlled Environment Agriculture to overcome food insecurities in post-conflict and food insecure regions around the world. We provided these countries, specifically Iraq, Angola, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with solutions as they struggled through transitioning from traditional farming to CEA ultra-local solutions.

In America, Let's Grow began indoor hydroponic urban farming that provides healthy, locally grown food at competitive prices to local communities and businesses. 

Let’s Grow employs and trains veterans and members of the local area to help bolster the economy, expand the local food industry, and provide employment to those most in need of a job. We collaborate with other nearby farms and local food organizations so the city’s residents have access to year-round produce.

Let’s Grow also partners with educators and community leaders to teach our children and young adults the science of growing and the importance of agriculture to help strengthen the nation and our communities.

The singular goal of Let’s Grow is to design and provide turn-key solutions for food availability and food security challenges in the communities we are honored to serve and support.

Let’s Grow can be Retrofitted or Design-New to fit the space, location and circumstances of each Urban Farming Project. Working together in your city, we base Let's Grow on our innovative technologies, processes, the highest level of quality organic output, and efficient food technology & production.

We have all the information you need to bring Let's Grow to your community.